Couple’s Wedding Pictorial is Photobombed by an Inquisitive Bull

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Outrageous wedding pictures seem to be a fad that will not be going away anytime soon, or so it seems. Not too long ago we had a couple pose in a field while a real twister formed in the distance. Then we also had another couple share their wedding photos set against majestic sceneries in Iceland. Now here comes what should have been an idyllic country wedding photo shoot. All the elements are there: a lovely blushing bride, fine-looking groom, a perfect countryside, romantic sunset, and an ideal nuptial bull. Bull?

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Brian and Rebecca Pepper had just begun their wedding pictorial in Tamworth on Monday when the unexpected bull joined the couple. The hilarious moment was captured by wedding photographer Rachel Deane. The couple had just consummated celebrating their nuptials at Tamworth’s Pavillion Function and Conference Centre, a well-known wedding place in the NSW country town.

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“There were these curious cows in the background and one came down from the top paddock,” said Deane.”I could see it coming in the distance and said for them to ignore it as it would make for a cool photo.”

couple wedding photography

The couple allowed the bull to come near while Deane shot the photos, but when it started smelling Rebecca’s gown, the concern was that it would leave stains on the dress. However, when it ducked its head and started kicking up dust, Brian knew that it could be getting into a more aggressive attitude.

couple wedding photographycouple wedding photography farm

Besides the couple’s safety there was also the vintage Austin Princess to worry about. Brian’s expertise of rounding up cattle came in handy as he eventually coaxed the bull to run away without doing any harm. So that’s essentially how the bull came to photobomb the wedding photo shoot. That is surely going to be one unique story to tell their kids and grandchildren someday.

farm couple wedding photographycouple wedding photography

Here’s the proof!

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