Creative Photo-Manipulations of Distorted Realities

photomanipulation fish

Erik Johansson definitely has a talent for bending reality. He not only bends it, but twists it to a point of fantastic, unbelievable scenarios. At 25, Johansson displays exceptionally special skills, as he demonstrates his proficiency and gift at photo-manipulation. Johansson has a client list that has justifiably mushroomed, which includes such global brand giants like Adobe, Google, and Microsoft. Some of the creations are so baffling, even though we all know digital processing can do almost anything.

photomanipulation road

What stands out more than the technical skill are Johansson’s visions, which shows him in a distinct class of artistry. The German born, Swedish based artist is a virtuoso at expressing his visions thru photo manipulation. He takes images of everyday, mundane existence, and infuses them with the unexpected, creating out of this world imagery. Johansson says of his work, “I don’t capture moments, I capture ideas. To me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in my mind.”

photomanipulation ice shelf

Johansson’s fertile mind and subsequent bizarre forms generate mind bending pictures of surreal circumstances, but always with a hint of the credible. Once a computer engineering student, Johansson at present works on his own projects as well as commissioned ones. He has this to say of himself and his brilliant work at his website.  “I’m a photographer and retouch artist from Sweden.” Quite an understatement, especially once you see his work.

photomanipulation bottle shipwreck

His talent can hardly escape the attention of anyone that has an iota for appreciating exceptional art. As a self-taught artist, he is meticulous when it comes to producing his shots. “I always want to be in complete control of my photos and feel like I’ve done everything myself. It limits me in a way that I can’t realize all ideas I have, but limitations are good sometimes to define the work. A similar light and perspective is extremely important to create a realistic result when combining the photos,” he states.

road folding up photomanipulation

photomanipulation boat on land

Check out Erik Johansson’s art on his website.

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