Curate Your Own Magazine with Flipboard 2.0 (App Update)

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Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you. Now with Flipboard 2.0, you can save and collect the things you love into your own magazines like “Trips I want to take” or “Dream Homes.”

Version 2.0 of Flipboard is out, and from initial reviews is a big, big improvement from the original release. Visually, the search feature is now more prominent. The tiles are now also larger, actually occupying the full width of the page. The table of contents (that was once inconveniently buried in the header menu) is now more accessible. Overall, this new update is certainly more visually appealing with the tiles and magazine covers taking the place of boring text lists. This will definitely please its growing 50 million users.

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Functionally, the users can now “flip stories,” to the app or in a browser through bookmarklet, and into their personalized “magazines.” Other users can actually subscribe to those “magazines.” There is also an auto update function; whenever the magazine owner tweaks his issue, the subscribers’ versions are uniformly changed as well. Flipboard is actually a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application software.

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Company CEO Mike McCue was quoted by The Verge magazine, calling version 2.0 of the App, “the most epic release we’ve ever done.” McCue shares reins of the company with Evan Doll, former Senior iPhone Engineer at Apple. In the Flipboard website the company declares, “Flipboard is on a quest to transform how people discover, view and share content by combining the beauty and ease of print with the power of social media.” Their mission is “to let people discover and share content in beautiful, simple, and meaningful ways.”

That mission is certainly a well-realized one. Creating a magazine with your favorite articles is only two taps away in Flipboard. A person who likes your compilation of articles and “subscribes” to your magazine automatically sends out a notification to you. The app also works on music playlist creation, since it interfaces with SoundCloud. Integration capability to Etsy also facilitates easy online shopping from the app. But they say this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as Flipboard’s curation tools are concerned. Version 2.0 is just the beginning; eventually they envision not just one owner per magazine, but multiple users who can co-edit a magazine, according to company Chief Technology Officer Eric Feng. This will be an upgrade from the current one-owner-per-magazine capability, and the two status options of public or private. All in all, Flipboard version 2.0 passes with flying colors on both aesthetics and functionality.

We’ve created a magazine on Flipboard. “Photography News” is available with thousands of other magazines and all the news you care about. Download Flipboard for free and search for “Photography on flipboard

 Now all that’s missing is a Flipboard web app!

Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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