Daredevil Architectural Photographer Captures Paris as He Rappels Down Buildings

building reflection

To capture the exceptional and inimitable, some photographers will go to great lengths just for that one-of- a-kind shot. French photographer Carlos Ayesta is one such character. While we have seen unbelievable cityscape images usually shot from the ground or from aerial vantage points, it is not often that you hear of a daredevil photographer with the nerve to abseil off the side of a building, just to snap shots while descending from treacherous heights.

person waiting in window

This has been the modus operandi of Ayesta in order to create his series called Vertical Architecture. The adventurous lens man rappels off the top of a building, and while doing so,  shoots images of the city of Paris from an extraordinary view that is impossible to get anywhere else.

photographer rappels down building

Ayesta does not limit his shots to just the city. He also at times photographs the buildings, placing images of its residents against the backdrop of fabulous views of the skyline. By hanging from the sides of these lofty structures, Ayesta gets both an unusual look at the metropolis and unlikely views through windows of unaware occupants.

building window

Ayesta recently spoke of his rappelling exploits to De Zeen, rationalizing this daring activity.

“I can take pictures of hidden things. No-one on the ground or on top of the buildings can see what I see […] I take pictures of towers, offices and homes, and I am able to capture the people working and living within those spaces. The window reflections are magical – you can see life and the landscapes within the same frame.”

city aerial view

Ayesta has so far abseiled down a few world famous structures, namely La Grande Arche de la Défense, La Tour Eiffel, the Center of New Industries and Technologies (CNIT), Tour Sequoia, and Tour EQHO.

“My approach of taking photographs whilst abseiling and from hanging platforms shows the architecture in another dimension,” says the soaring Ayesta, who is currently in talks with a company in Tokyo, Japan for his next project.

man working in window

See his trademark images here.

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