Dark Marble Mines Illuminated by Light-Painted Balls

orbs in marble mine

The work of photographer Stefano Bellamoli looks rather otherworldly, if not magical and almost mystical. His images shot in the shadowy marble mines of Verona, Italy are visually astonishing. The 29 year-old Bellamoli made use of long exposure times in order to create the images in the dark confines of the mines. Using a handheld light as his ‘brush,’ he added ‘light sculptures’ to the empty mines.

light balls marble mine light painting

Creating and then capturing light sculptures, is a rather popular practice among those who choose to explore dark, enclosed spaces such as tunnels or sewers, which makes it all the more difficult to shoot exceptional and quality images. Similar creations from other light painters such as Darren Pearson are quite impressive, as he also dabbled with the art form but with different results. Light painting can be a very liberating art form as one is able to create just about anywhere with any pinhole light source, and it turned out well in this case despite Bellamoli using a single handheld light.

ball of light illuminating marble mine

In this photo series, balls of light are made to appear as if floating over the stone, being the sole light source in the murky tunnels. They appear to be guiding the viewer through the mines.

marble mine lit up by ball of light

His light paintings provided the only source of illumination in the photo shoot. It is unclear whether he used warm and cool light sources to create the differences in color temperature or if it was done in post. The balls of light, in addition to the rugged beauty of the marble mines, resulted in this series fit for an Indiana Jones adventure scenario.  He calls these images part of his More Light to Come series.

light painting orb balls

Bellamoli shares and talks about his passion for photography,

“Born and in Verona, 1984 I now live here in the north of Verona. Started with this the consuming and totalizing passion of photography 4 years ago; enchanted by Ansel Adams photographs I started my experience in BW developing and printing. I actualy work both with “argentic” techniques and digital. Nothing is like working with an 8×10 view camera and nothing as accurate as a digital raw workflow!”

light painting marble mines

To view more of Bellamoli’s work and follow him as he adds more photos to his More Light to Come series, go on over to his Bēhance page.

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