Day to Night Series Captures World-Renowned Cities Around the World from Dawn ‘Til Dusk

the capitol

American photographer Stephen Wilkes is best known for his collection of abandoned structures such as those at Ellis Island or the former Bethlehem Steel factory. His pictorial essay on Ellis Island called “Ellis Island Ghosts” was instrumental in raising six million dollars from the US Congress for the conservation of the buildings situated on the south side of the island.

nyc day to night

This included the former hospital for contagious illnesses. His exceptional work has been featured in publications like Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair as well as The New York Times Magazine. For more than twenty years, Wilkes has been largely acknowledged for his commercial photography and fine art. His photographs have been put on display in both galleries and museums.

photo series day to night

Wilkes latest collection of work is called Day to Night. The set is a unique series that completely captures the boundless energy from morning till evening of various world renowned cities around the globe. What he does to achieve this is photograph from one camera angle non-stop for about 15 to 18 hours.

times square day to night

A select number of images are then digitally fused into one remarkable photograph. What you get is a time-lapse effect encapsulated into one, single image. In each of Wilkes’ Day to Night creations, he expertly mixes thirty to fifty pictures into one image to flawlessly create unreal cityscapes and metropolis imagery. Wilkes explained his concept behind the brilliant Day and Night.

cities day to night

“I imagined changing time in a single photograph. I began to explore this fascination with time in a new series of photographs called: Day to Night. Photographing from one camera angle continuously for up to 15 hours, capturing the fleeting moments throughout the day and night.”

day to night photo series stephen wilkes

Day and Night is an ongoing series, and one of the newer additions is this series of New York City. His time lapse photos capture the Big Apple as it travels from dusk till nightfall. It is a stunning compilation that embodies NYC and its boundless energy.

See the totally engaging series from Wilkes Day to Night here.

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