Delightful Images of Orphaned Animals Cuddling Together

wombat and kangaroo

What happens when two unlikely animals are placed together? No one really knows until you try the actual union. In the case of Anzac and Peggy, it is pure harmony. Anzac by the way is baby a kangaroo, while Peggy is a little wombat. This paring came about after the two creatures shared a pouch at the Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre in Victoria, Kilmore Australia.

kangaroo snuggling with wombat

Both orphans, Anzac was brought to the centre when barely five months old after being rescued in the Macedon Ranges. The young kangaroo was placed with Peggy, the wombat. Since then the two have been sleeping together. “There are lots of baby animals about at the moment, and they are orphaned for a range of reasons,” explains Lisa Milligan, one of the founders of the centre. While the two get on quite well now, it is difficult to tell if they will grow apart as they mature.

wombat kangaroo relationship

Kangaroos grow into a tall, muscular and strong animal weighing about 30kg. Wombats on the other hand also get to become 30kg large but are much smaller in stature, resembling little pigs. At least for now, their personalities seem to be a match made in herbivore heaven. Anzac happens to be very social and Peggy is quite rambunctious energetic.

wombat kangaroo connection

Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre is situated about four kilometers north of Kilmore. It was established in 2009 by Lisa and Duane Milligan right after the ravages of the infamous Black Saturday bushfires.


At the time of the bushfires the centre served as a safe haven and rehabilitation centre for wildlife hurt during the fires.  They took into their care various wild life species such as possums, koalas, kangaroos, birds and even some house pets.

snuggling marsupials

Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre continues to offer shelter to orphaned and/or injured wildlife of all kinds on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.

See the adorable Anzac and Peggy, a union born at the centre here.

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