Delightful Series Entitled ‘Cinemagraphs’ is Part Picture, Part Film

glasses times square

The words mesmerizing and enchanting come to mind when viewing this unusual but delightful series of part picture, part film. Called Cinemagraphs, these animated gifs truly push the envelope in digital creativity. Artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have made perhaps some of the most stunning Cinemagraphs, as one can see, elevating and refining it into an art form.

glasses central park

Their most recent collection takes you on a hypnotic trip of New York City, looking through a pair of unmistakable Armani eyeglass frames.  It is incredibly brilliant in concept and execution as people and objects move across the iconic spectacle lenses, coming into focus as if being seen through a refractive grade, revealing with clarity the goings-on in Central Park, Times Square as well as Grand Central Station.

glasses bridge nyc

The duo from Ann Street Studio embarked on the series photographing many recognizable locations in NYC. Armed with a camera and a pair of black frame Giorgio Armani glasses, Beck and Burg replicate through their animated gifs an experiential day in the Big Apple.

nyc giorgio armani

“This past March I bought a pair of Giorgio Armani frames in Geneva, classic per usual, and I decided to put them in front of the frame. To see what I see,” they said of the series. The Cinemagraph’s combinations of focus and blur give the collection that extra edge of realism that is so unique to works of this caliber.  The two artists hope to call attention to ‘the importance of focusing and what we see’. They also spoke of how their amazing Cinemagraphs came to be, as well as their magical teamwork.

glasses GIF

“We began collaborating as artists in 2009 after years of friendship. In 2011 we created a new form of digital photography we named the Cinemagraph.”

Go on over to their website and learn more about these two brilliant artists and see more of their magical Cinemagraphs.

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