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Digital Photography Glossary

Photography Glossary - H

Understand the terminology of digital photography, digital printing and digital imaging so that you will become a better photographer. Photographic terms such as High Contrast, Histogram, Hue, and more.


High Contrast

High Contrast is a lighting descriptive term that characterizes a wide disparity between the key (or main) light and the fill light (which can be completely absent). High-contrast images are marked by a high black level within the image, where the midtones and are highlights are also in the higher tonal range.


High Key

High Key is a lighting descriptive term that is characterized by having the fill light be at or near the key (or main light) to produce a more uniformly illuminated image. High Key images have low contrast.



Highlights are the tones at the higher end of the gray scale, that are as close to white as possible, but still retaining some sense of color (or hue) and detail.



Histogram is a graphical chart that displays the intensity of tones within an image ranging from the whitest white to the blackest black, in which each tone is given a value of 0 to 256, with 0 being very dark and 256 being very light.


Hot Shoe

The Hot Shoe is the connection point on your DSLR where a dedicated flash unit can be mounted and controlled by the camera's on-board computer.



Also referred to as saturation, Hue is one of the main properties of a color. The main or "unique" hues are Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. The intensity of and mixing of the unique hues provides for all other visible colors.



Hot-spot is an exceedingly intense highlight produced by a (natural or artificial) light source. A hot-spot is usually undesirable, because it's unnatural and indicates exactly where the light source is. A hot-spot is also where the light concentrates on highly reflective, curved material.

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