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Digital Photography Glossary

Photography Glossary - X

Understand the terminology of digital photography, digital printing and digital imaging so that you will become a better photographer. Photographic terms such as xD Cards, XGA, and more.


xD Cards

This is a type of flash memory card that is used primarily in digital cameras. The technology was developed by Olympus and Fujifilm. xD cards range in storage space from 16MB to 2GB. Unfortunately, Olympus and Fuji are phasing out support for this media storage format in favor of SD and SDHC cards.



XGA (image resolution) stands for Extended Graphics Array. This technology developed by IBM was a new video standard introduced in 1990, and is most commonly expressed in the consumer market at 1024x768 pixels of display resolution, making XGA a fairly versatile display format. XGA supports 65,000 colors with 8-bit color depth and allows for monitors to be non-interlaced.

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