Dramatic Black and White Images Done in Intense Contrast Add Impression of Mystery and Intimacy

dramatic black and white

French photographer Benoit Courti‘s work is enjoying a growing following on-line as more and more people see his straightforward, graceful and remarkable photographs. Courti‘s photography delves into various subjects, and prominent quality that comes forth in his pictures is a strong connection with his subjects, especially in portraits.

dramatic black and white portrait

He is a natural and is the prototypical fine arts photographer, at home with both black and white and color. However it is with the monochromatic medium where his work stands out exceptionally. It is raw, edgy, and beautiful.

dramatic black and white hands

The dramatic black and white images done in intense contrast adds an impression of mystery and intimacy that turns traditional portraits into dark, brooding images that are artistically haunting.

dramatic black and white blowing bubbles

Their simplicity is a masterful display of minimalist elegance in photography. Courti achieves this with a command of lighting techniques as well as a sharp eye for composition. He is often daring, willing to try the offbeat shot, while at other times  he can be conservative, opting for the more classic look.

dramatic black and white dice

Sub-categories in his website labeled Deep Black, Portraits, Black and White, and Colors display his command of the medium, and reveal an intrinsic artistry in his work. Not surprisingly, Courti is no stranger to the arts, although a relative newcomer to the camera.

dramatic black and white cat

It may be with some amount of disbelief for other photographers to find out that such masterful work from Courti is possible, despite the fact that he took on professional photography a mere 3 years ago. Apparently, the consummate artist was immersed in other pursuits, particularly, music composition.

dramatic black and white reflection

He had an interest in photography since childhood, but that would have to wait for much later. Courti was a music composer for many years before changing his career to one in professional portrait and art photography in 2010. Being a latebloomer has certainly worked for Courti’s style and skill at the craft. His portfolio of images spans the gamut from enigmatic portraits to ethereal landscapes.

dramatic black and white arms

See Courti’s natural flair with the camera in his work here.

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