Dramatic Black and White Outdoor Landscapes

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro is a fine art photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He formally took up photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in 1991. While there he majored in film and video production combined with a minor in black and white photography. The fruits of that education, particularly the latter can be seen in his assorted body of work, specifically photographs of the outdoors.

Hengki Koentjoro  black and white

He shot the majority of his images using a square format and shooting various landscapes in black and white. Forests, mountainous areas, bodies of water, and other outdoor landscapes are part of his large collection of images, demonstrating a flair for the dramatic in most of them.

Hengki Koentjoro  landscape

Koentjoro first got a camera through his parents who gave him a Kodak pocket camera as a birthday present. He initially took up the hobby, as the self-appointed documenter of family events and milestones. As he grew in his craft, the work of Ansel Adam would serve as an inspiration to pursue the black and white medium.

black and white Hengki Koentjoro

Koentjoro was captivated by Adam’s ability to manipulate tonality, producing moods and manipulating atmosphere. His passion has never waned ever since. Koentjoro also likes to go with the moment, and believes in the magic of spontaneity.

Hengki Koentjoro  outdoor landscape

“Almost everything is spontaneous because I love to get lost in a place and explore the beauty of the nature that is full mystery and the unexpected; it’s always fresh. I never go for high expectation, just take whatever nature has to over and most of the time she hardly disappoint,” said Koentjoro.

Hengki Koentjoro black and white landscape

He counts himself lucky to live in Indonesia which is renowned as the largest archipelago nation possessing more than 13,000 islands. Indonesia also has many highlands in addition to active volcanoes scattered over 3275 miles from East to West. Mist and fog also commonly permeates throughout its landscape, creating a mystical atmosphere that is evident in many of Koentjoro photographs.

Hengki Koentjoro landscape photography

At present, Koentjoro works as a video cameraman for a production house in Jakarta. The company is engaged in producing corporate profiles as well as TV advertisements. For the meantime, photography is essentially a serious hobby he indulges during his spare time.

Hengki Koentjoro landscape photography black and white

See Koentjoro’s work here.

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