Dramatic Black and White Photos Capture the Artful Movement of Freerunning


Anyone who saw the 007 reboot, Casino Royale, must have taken notice of the exciting foot chase at the beginning of the movie. That featured Bond played by Danial Craig in hot pursuit of a man that seemed to bounce of walls and jump around like a human pogo stick. That kind of action is called Freerunning, and the man doing it was no less than one of its founders, Sebastien Foucan.

freerunning art of movement

Freerunning is the art of expressing oneself in an environment without any limitations. The discipline founded by Sebastien Foucan aims to integrate all that is useful. It began in 2003 and was developed as a more comprehensive form of the discipline of Parkour. The term ‘freerunning’ was initially used in the Jump London documentary. The name came about thru a proposal by Guillaumme Pelletier, who was working with Sebastien Foucan during that time.

freerunning jumping leaping

Photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty is able to shoot some striking samples of the discipline in his collection called Freerunning – The Art of Movement. Talented purveyors of the sport manipulate their bodies through environments in free and innovative ways. The monochromatic action portraits showcase a number of these skillful athletes as they gracefully hurl through various urban jungles which include Mexico City, New York and Hong Kong.

freerunning photos

Gudzowaty explains that his series is:

“Deeply influenced by different cultural reference points, including stunt depictions in movies such as The Matrix or Jackie Chan’s comedies, video games, break dancing, and martial arts choreography, Parkour/Freerunning has become a lifestyle and philosophy among younger generations… It is simply the art of movement, practiced out of love or professionally. It embraces elements of tricking and street stunts, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving.”

freerunning photo series

freerunning black and white

freerunning in city

See Freerunning in action as captured by the lenses of Gudzowaty here.

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