Dramatic Close-Up Portraits of Animals Captured at the Local Zoo


Photographer Joshua Arlington is a regular visitor at his local zoo, and he is quite adept at taking close-up animal portraits. Arlington was able to capture some dramatic portraits of a variety of animals thanks to his sharp eye and his ability to capture the emotions of animals despite their captivity.

red panda

He has assembled quite a number of portraits, enough to almost have his own equivalent of an ‘image’ zoo, capturing the uniqueness of each creature. In this photo series, one gets to see the animals from a much closer perspective, experiencing them from a very intimate distance.

mouth of orangutan

Arlington spoke recently of his affinity with these caged animals,

“I’ve always given my heart and soul to the few things I am truly passionate about. Photography and animals are my two largest, and I cannot describe how happy I am to be on the road to turning these passions into a lifelong career. Thank you all for your love and support, through pain and bliss, through loss and gain. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for helping me make my life meaningful.”

otter portrait

Arlington’s gratitude stems from being able to share his passion in more ways than one. Besides simply sharing the image of each animal, he at the same time creates awareness about each creature and imparts information about their current condition in the animal kingdom.

leopard portrait

He puts out some remarkable data about them, such as the Amur leopard, for instance. Arlington says that it is “critically endangered, there are more of these large felines in captivity than there are in the wild (at last known count, only 19-26 are left).”

zoo animal portrait

Arlington frequently adds new images and info through his Facebook page. He also published a book showcasing a collection of his animal portraits, collectively called ANTHRO that can be bought through blurb.

Arlington is from Erie, Pennsylvania, and is a self-described concert and animal portrait photographer.

leopard photo

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