Dramatic Fisheye Photos Emphasize Height and Depth

cityscape fisheye

Much can be done with a fisheye lens. All you need is a cameraman with an exceptionally fertile imagination, and you are sure to come up with some amazing, if not sometimes outrageous images. The fisheye lens has always been the photographer’s go-to tool for transforming the ordinary shot into an extraordinary image with very little effort. Photographer Black Station did precisely that as he was able to turn things literally upside down with his striking photographs. Through carefully chosen camera placement, the Shanghai-based Black Station was able to create stunning photographs from seemingly dizzying heights.

fisheye construction

Pictures shot from vertigo-inducing altitudes are even more magnified by the fisheye len’s strong natural visual distortion that creates an ultra wide panoramic view or hemispherical image. Black station uses a circular fisheye lens rather than a full-frame fisheye lens model. A circular fisheye lens captures a full 180 degree view in all directions resulting in a circular image, with the edges of the frame being black such as the photos taken by Black Station. This is a more extreme fisheye lens effect that is intended for artistic purposes such as shooting atypical landscapes, cityscapes or skateboard events.

fisheye trees

The result is lofty heights are made to appear even higher. Other shots do the opposite, giving the impression that they are shot from deep recesses in the ground while looking vertically upward. Black Station’s images feature many urban commercial scenes with towering structures dominating the skies. There are also other industrial images taken of intersecting overpasses, heavy duty cranes, and intertwined metal bars. Once warped by the circular fisheye lens, the images all take on that characteristic convex non-rectilinear appearance.

fisheye nightsky

Many photos also feature natural scenes like trees shooting up into the sky, disappearing from view. It is the careful selection of both subject and camera perspective that distinguishes this series from otherwise predictable fisheye lens photography.

aerial fisheye city

Black Station has an obvious flair for both drama and danger that he effectively exploits with each shot he executes. Whether it is cityscapes or the natural world, the strategic placement of his camera for unique vantage points is successfully attained.

fisheye aerial cityscape

See some pretty spectacular shots exploiting the circular fisheye lens on Black Station’s website.

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