Dramatic Portraits of Solitary Figures that Appear Consumed by Nature

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Evan James Atwood is a young and talented chap originally from Nottingham, England. Atwood currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona where he is taking up business marketing. He plans to continue to grow and develop his creative instincts as an individual and hone his craft as a visual artist.

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The gifted photographer produces some dramatic experimental fine art photography with his subjects depicted in natural environments. Atwood delves into different concepts and photographic themes. He tinkers with visual effects as he creates images of seemingly suspended people, as well as the absence of linear time and space similar to that in dreams.

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Atwood was recently chosen as one Flickr’s “20 under 20” by a distinguished panel of judges. Based on his work he is a very deserving recipient of the distinction. Atwood’s images embody a flawless combination of light and texture. The people in his shots, often a solitary figure seem always to be lost in thought, as they become consumed by the embrace of nature.

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Atwood at 21 years of age exhibits a raw talent that often comes with more seasoned professionals. He initially immersed himself in photography via a self-portrait 365 project in 2012. This undertaking allowed him to develop a passion for the visual arts as well as a fascination with “expressing the darker range of human emotions. His work however often contains a strong element of hope. He depicts simple moments with a cinematic quality.”

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Atwood at this point in his creative development is doing his best to stay open-minded. He likes to travel to new places whenever he can, experiencing different cultures as he takes notes of all he sees along the way.  Among the works in his growing portfolio are topics called Rain Water, the fire kept (on going), Jing, fine art, portraits, lifestyle and a place I call home.

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You can view his collective works here.

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