Dreamlike Images of Solitary Figures Posing Against Dramatic Landscapes

Kasia Derwinska

For Kasia Derwinska, her photography is her way of expressing her innermost thoughts of the world. Through her work she communicates her own thoughts, doubts, experiences, fears and hopes in an effort to reflect her own life’s direction. An example of this would be her collection of single figures wandering through immense, otherworldly landscapes rendered in dramatic black and white.

Kasia Derwinska dreamlike

Currently based in Spain, Derwinska uses both her photography skill as well as digital manipulation to produce dreamlike works of art that seem to act as mirrors of life’s various conditions, expressing themes like isolation, separation, loneliness, reflection, and happiness.

Kasia Derwinska dreamlike photos

These powerful images show the subjects as far little silhouettes in the middle of bare landscapes that seem to go endlessly into the horizon. The lonely, listless figures are seen overlooking clouds from the top of a mountain, trapped in the center of a sea of thunderous waves, or saying goodbye to a friend who has taken a different path, but each figure seems to carry and radiate an aura of pensiveness as they confront their present condition.

Kasia Derwinska dreamlike photo series

There are returning elements throughout her portfolio like umbrellas, clouds, and a theme of melancholy. Her images were as if an artistic metaphor for life since each image shows characters with seemingly infinite options to make their own reality. Derwinska draws inspiration from her own dreams and experiences and does not consider herself a photographer.

Kasia Derwinska dreamlike images

For her photography is just a means for self-expression. She says, “My work is an attempt to connect substantiality of the world that surrounds us with elusiveness of feelings and thoughts. For that reason I describe my creations as building a bridge between the visible and the invisible.” She is a self-confessed autodidactic, or self-learner.

photo series Kasia Derwinska

Her experiences and night dreams rooted as far back as her childhood help her produce her creative concepts. Derwinska remembers most of them and believes that dreams are the ultimate symbolic language of our subconscious.

photos Kasia Derwinska

See her work of solitary figures here.

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