Dreamlike Photos Build a Bridge Between the Visible and the Invisible

person in the middle of barren land

Kasia Derwinska sees incredibly dreamlike scenes, which she is able to express quite credibly through her camera work. Reluctant to be called a photographer, she would rather be referred to as an artist that uses her camera like a brush the way a painter would use on a canvas, or as a musical instrument a performer would play to express his craft. Her pictures look almost spiritual, with a surreal quality to them. They are also generous with the concept of space, often depicting endless and limitless forms and dimensions.

silhouette of person carrying umbrella walking in clouds

silhouette of person on rocks

Although very other-worldly, the pictures may strike you as somewhat weird and wonderful at the same time. These images while looking convincingly dreamlike, offer you the uncommon opportunity to scrutinize the vision in detail. Profound and imbedded with layers upon layers of meaning, one can identify with each of her images on many philosophical levels. Like dreams, her photos put forth a kind of ambiguity and straddle the realms of both reality and imagination. They also pit characters almost obscured against a backdrop of huge, vast landscapes, alluding to the arduous journey, or wonderful trip, (whichever way you may have experienced it) that is life. Kasia leaves that for you to ponder and decide.

person at the tip of steep rock formations

person walking in snow

It is also a metaphor of the choices we make, and will make throughout our lives.  There is a melancholic quality to the images, which is not to be mistaken as anything central to the theme Kasia is putting forward. Hers is really a more optimistic view that the real and unreal, or dreams and reality, need not digress from each other too much. She expresses her artistry in words through her website.

person contemplating under blanket of stars

person under cloudy sky

“I use photography as a tool, like a brush for painting or an instrument to play music.” Kasia further explains, “My creations are an attempt to connect the visible with the invisible – feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and doubts about the world we live in. It is my personal journey through this unreal reality.” She also point out in  rather more upbeat note, “The gallery was created out of my deep belief that dreams may come true if we try to make them real. In the future, I would also like to present here the works of other artists, who like me, believe in the power of imagination.

person at separate paths

person with trail of footsteps behind him

View Kasia’s work in her website or her Flickr.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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