Dreamscapes of Los Angeles in Cotton Candy Colors

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The world is turned into a realm of colored pastels as the skies and the horizon meet in Anthony Samaniego’s series entitled Dreamscapes. Photographed mostly during dusk, there is a distinctly soft quality that lends itself to all of the picture in the collection, an effect caused by the refraction of the sun’s rays emanating from the atmosphere.

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Samaniego makes use of that pinkish glow, maximizing its visual effect in his compositions shot of the Los Angeles twilight landscape. In some images we can spot clouds shifting, portentously moving towards an otherwise still landscape.

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In the distance, we can see in some other pictures the freckled and spotted landscape dotted with lights, obviously turned on in anticipation of the coming nightfall. Samaniego’s twilight skies also carry with them a blurred hue, very indistinct, perhaps either due to a fog that is lowering as dusk settles in, or just more evidence of permeating smog and pollution.

dreamscapes photo series los angeles

Through Dreamscapes, Samaniego transform his home of L.A. into a virtual display of pale hues of pink, purple as well as other subdued colors. Samaniego employs a technique of multiple exposures shot all throughout the day, but mostly during twilight. He then stitches together a composite through post-production editing. The twilight-like effect therefore is actually more of a creation.

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Samaniego essentially manipulates the colors, coming-up with the pallid and restrained color palette that characterizes Dreamscapes. He also has personal reasons for doing the series, saying, “I became obsessed, to shoot the right photo of L.A. I’m still searching.” The images in the series were specifically shot from the hills of Glendale, specifically at dusk, when the city is made visually hazy by the rays of a sun going down. Using a vintage Mamiya, Samaniego looks for shimmering lights, blurred outlines, and intense colors, which he plays around with in post-production.

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Samaniego is a degree holder in Economics, but he shifted gears preferring to pursue the visual arts. His growing client roster includes Apple, Diet Coke,The Academy Awards, Tumblr, Goldenvoice, Warner Bros, Coachella and Yahoo.

sky photo series los angeles skyline

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