Dreamy Panoramas Show the World in Special Effects

dreamy landscapes

At least here is one documented case that bolsters the fact that sightings of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti or the Abominable Snowman (and whatever other name it is called) are nothing but a playful hoax from bored photographers. Nick Meek is one of those culprits, and he can surely pull it off with his arsenal of special effects.

snowy mountains nick meek

His pictures are sharper than the usual, more vivid and vibrant in color, and everything just jumps at you. It is a much better looking world than the one we see through our honest eyeballs. So going back to the Yeti, or is it ‘Yeti’, Meek mischievously cajoles his friends to don an Abominable Snowman get-up, and have the poor guys run across various panoramas.  Shot from a distance, who is to say what is fact from ridiculous fiction?

yeti landscapes

While the playful Yeti sightings are amusing, this does not in any way detract from the talent of Meek as a skilled lensman. His wonderful photos of many different vistas are, to use an idiom literally, picture perfect. They appear almost like computer generated images, being flawlessly detailed.

desert nick meek

Meek’s style enhances what is already there, making lakes, forests, mountains, and rock formations all seem even more real.  While clear and vibrant, there is also a soft, hazy quality to his shots that makes them very pleasing to the eye. One might call it calibrated overexposure, and it works for Meek’s pictures.

plants greenery nick meek

A brief biography is offered on the artist over on Siobhan Squire,

Nick’s work touches on everyone’s ability to sense and feel atmosphere. Whether it is a galloping horse in the desert, kids crossing the street, discarded shoes on a carpet or a majestic landscape, his pictures capture, not only a sense of the moment, but also the feeling.

Nick has shot many campaigns and stories, a few of which are; Absolut Vodka, AmEx, BBC, BMW, Commonwealth Games, CNN, D&AD, Eurostar, Ericsson, The Guardian, IBM, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Lloyds/TSB, Nicorette, Peugeot, Philip Morris, Playstation, Renault, Southern Comfort, Sun Newspapers, Starbucks, The Times, VW, Vauxhall, Wallpaper Magazine and Weetabix.

river between mountains

See a sampling of his work here (as well as the dreaded yeti!)

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