Dreamy Photos of Sun Rays Shining Down on the Polish Landscape

marcin sobas

Marcin Sobas is a landscape photographer from Poland. His creative process often involves imagining a scene first, or just capturing a visual image with his mind. While there might not always be a camera on-hand, he admits, he tries to capture the moment, embed it in his consciousness and quickly tuck this alluring episode into the fine crevices of his soul. Sobas’ landscape photography gives you that feel and inspiration, a momentary appreciation for nature’s magnificence time and again.

landscape photographer marcin sobas

His photo collection of hypnotic sun rays shot in the Beskidy mountains of Poland shows those incredible transient moments that too often vanish in a flash. It is a part of his huge collection of rays of light.

landscape photography  marcin sobas

His enthusiasm for the subject can easily be discerned in his words.

“I took these pictures at Beskidy mountain’s in Poland. The best time for this kind of pictures is spring and the end of the summer. It took me dozens of hours because it’s quite hard to catch such rays. For a good picture the sky must be cloudless and the temperature should not be too warm. Days like that don’t come often, so it is difficult to take a perfect photo, but i love to hunting the rays!”

marcin sobas landscape photography

Crepuscular rays, which we commonly call sun rays, are actually rays of sunlight that seem to radiate from the point in the sky where the sun is situated. These rays, which stream through breaks in clouds or in between other objects, are columns of sunlit air divided by darker cloud-shadowed regions. In spite of seeming to meet at a point, the rays are actually near-parallel shafts of sunlight, and their seeming convergence is an angle effect, akin to the manner that parallel railway lines seem to converge at a point when viewed in the distance.

marcin sobas landscape marcin sobas landscape photo marcin sobas landscape photographer

Sobas’ work features a beautiful collection of sun rays and landscapes as well. See them here.

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