Dreamy Photos of the Finnish Landscape


Mika Suutari is an avid nature photographer based in Southern Finland. Suutari is into pictures with an intense atmosphere and he deliberately incorporates that element into all his photography. Suutari also hopes that his work is able to convey the feelings he personally experiences at the precise moments that he captures those images.

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Through the years there have been many collections and remarkable libraries of landscape photography projects found in a myriad of portfolios, and this particular collection by Mika Suutari is another beautiful one to join those ranks. Suutari has an obvious eye for detail and lighting, and not only does he shoot landscapes but close ups of plants and various wildlife as well.

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His series of pictures of Finland showcases the beauty and magic of the Finnish landscape at night, dusk or dawn. There is a dreamy quality present in most of his images, and many of them have a misty air or light fog that just barely obscures objects in the background.


Suutari also features a solitary figure that appears to be a male in the distance in many of his pictures. The collection is largely made up of pastoral images that range from open outdoor spaces, lakes, cottages hidden in dense forests, or barns in the middle of an empty field. If you did not want to visit Finland before seeing this collection, surely you will want to afterwards.

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Finland is a nation in Northern Europe located in between Russia to the East, Norway to the North, and Sweden to the West. Since the late 12th century until 1809, Finland was part of Sweden, hence Swedish remains as the lingua franca in the country.

landscape photographer mika suutari

The area that is now recognized as Finland was created around 8500 BCE as ice from the last ice age ebbed. The comparative “newness” of the land along with its scarce population has allowed Finland to preserve a magical beauty that is not seen in many other parts of the world, as you can see here in Suutari’s work.

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