Dreamy Portraits Set Against Magnificent Natural Landscapes

elizabeth gadd

The self-taught Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd grew up with a passion for traveling, hiking and nature. Gadd shoots breathtaking landscapes and self-portraits as she walks by the hills outside Vancouver, usually accompanied by her two dogs. Through her photography, Gadd intends to depict an affirmative and serene interaction between man and nature.

elizabeth gadd landscape

Gadd’s photographs were shot mostly in Canada or in Iceland. In the series called Breathe, Gadd shows the captivating landscapes and wildlife she comes across during her many journeys. She offers us a beautiful view of the mountains, lakes and forests of Iceland, photographed as self-portraits during the young 21-year-old’s travels.

elizabeth gadd landscape photo

Growing up in scenic surroundings with mountains, forests and fields, she has a passion for wandering and exploring. This ultimately led to her taking her camera along. She says that she aims to “display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way.” Her photos are thus mostly self-portraits, as she discovers tranquil locations as she wanders off by herself.

landscape elizabeth gadd

On being self-taught, Gadd says, “Everything I learned came simply from hours of experimentation…I hope when people look at my photos, they can feel what I felt while taking them.” Also quite humble of her work, she said “I, uh… shoot landscapey stuff… with people in them.”

landscape elizabeth gadd portrait

Quite an understatement of the quality of her work.  Gadd began taking pictures in 2007, but did not really take it seriously until 2010 when she hopped on the ‘365 project’ bandwagon of self portraits.

landscape photo elizabeth gadd

See this 21-year-old’s amazing work here.

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