Eerie Long Exposure Photos of Human Figures Captured Against a Dark Horizon

long exposure

Patrick Lienin is a photographer and ecologist who was born near Basel, Switzerland. He subsequently grew up in Germany, and moved to America in 2012. Lienin took up Environmental Sciences at the University of Trier (Germany) and Lund University (Sweden), and pursued his doctorate studies in Landscape Ecology at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. He went on to work in 2012 as a professional researcher at the University of Connecticut.

long exposure photo series

Over the past decade, his interest and passion for photography grew, becoming a professional lens man eventually. Lienin has since been producing personal as well as professional photography projects as a freelancing artist. By 2014 he began concentrating more on his photography career which has run parallel with his academic work.

long exposure photos

His stunning photographic creations shown here were exposed to light very briefly, approximately 10 seconds. He also used a stroboscopic lamp for very brief moment, or about one second. The falling rain at the shore where they were shot gave the images an added bit of mystery with their starry look in the final images.

long exposure photography

What Lienin gives us is some compelling conceptual photography that combines movement of human forms that seem to imitate ancient likenesses of gods and goddesses. Set against a dark horizon the forms evoke a sense of magic as they appear to be immersed in some kind of ritual dance.

long exposure photo patrick lienin

Lienin’s guide and philosophy in creating work are embodied in his artist statement, which reads:

“Combining landscapes with portraits in one photograph highlights what I find most beautiful and interesting which is the environment and the living interacting and enhancing the other. Essentially, I want each photo to be transformed by the viewer and their own experiences and personal lens. At best, I want to create a photo that asks more questions than it answers.” Indeed his work does arouse the celestial inclined among us, as his figures appear to be reaching for the stars.

long exposure photo

You can see his other work over at his website.

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