Elaborate Underwater Photo Project Involving a Sunken Shipwreck Produces Some Spectacular Images

von wong

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong has a reputation that precedes him for shooting complicated productions, exceedingly difficult shots in addition to unbelievable images. His most recent piece of work is an astonishingly difficult underwater photoshoot that has yielded some absolutely dramatic results.

underwater von wong

Wong, along with a crew of top notch and seasoned divers as well as underwater photographers,   mounted an entire photoshoot with a sunken shipwreck off the coast of Bali. The shots are captivating in their surreal, dreamlike quality.

Once you know more about the production intricacies for the photoshoot, you become even more perplexed with the series.  The beautiful female models out of necessity had to be experienced freedivers, a type of diver that goes without oxygen tanks underwater for extended periods.

von wong behind the scenes

They were asked to pose with the shipwreck as backdrop while wearing beautiful flowing dresses supplied by international Bali-based designer Ali Charisma. If ever you wanted see a mythical ‘woman of the sea’ personified, we doubt if you will get a more realistic depiction than this. Their flowing gowns turned them into mesmerizing creatures that seemed to once belong to legendary civilizations like an Atlantis or Lemuria, haunting the depths of the ocean.

The whole pictorial transpired 25 meters underwater and due to the extreme conditions as well as limitations, Wong leaned heavily on natural light to produce the final images, which was no easy feat. To make the shoot plausible Wong had to solicit the help of his special 7 man team who all brought their respective areas of expertise to the table. Safety divers gave the model freedivers breaths of air from oxygen tanks and the ladies were actually tied down to the shipwreck to ensure they would not be floating off the frame. Considering the gear and number of people involved the project could have easily turned into an unwieldy production, but Wong handled it extremely well.

underwater model von wong

See some of the images as well as a behind the scenes video here.

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