Elegant Images of Women Merged with Exquisite Blooms

lara kiosses

Double exposure images can have a powerful effect when used with the right elements. The photography of Paris-based Lara Kiosses definitely has a magical undercurrent and sensitivity. The series is called The Romantic Collection, and they look as if Kiosses were capturing fanciful and mythical forest nymphs.  Kiosses’ images merge flowers and women flawlessly, creating a seamless, surreal image that is both soft and delicate.

photo series flowers lara kiosses romantic collection

She does this by skillfully applying double and multiple exposure techniques to fuse two subject elements, overlaying images of women with the blooms. The pensive imagery, which often straddles the line between abstraction and standard photography, masterfully co-mingles fragile blossoms with the sexy, sensuous shape of a woman’s face. The end result is an extraordinary combination of two beautiful powers of nature, the flower and a woman.

photo series flowers lara kiosses

The self-taught Kiosses is represented by Blossom Talent, and her work is chiefly influenced by people and their different life stories. Kiosses says she “captures these moments obsessively, taking pleasure in defying time and transforming fixed reality.”

flowers lara kiosses photo series

Kiosses is a fine-art and fashion photographer born in 1986 in Paris, where she currently resides and works.  Although born in Paris, Kiosses was raised in Africa, where she grew up learning to appreciate beauty in its many incarnations.

flowers lara kiosses

The Romantic Collection mixes nature and the female as though it were attempting to connect the two. While there is an unquestionable aspect of surrealism in her art, it is also quite grounded in reality. With the double and multiple exposure technique, she is able to create a voluptuous series that embodies both the sensuality of a woman as well as the undeniably feminine qualities of a fragile, delicate flower.  Kiosses use of double exposure to blend women and flowers is perfectly executed in this series.

 lara kiosses flowers

See The Romantic Collection here.

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