Enchanting Images of Insects Covered in Thousands of Tiny Droplets of Water

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Photographer David Chambon is an expert at macro insect photography. Being an amateur photographer for over 10 years, Chambon’s goal is to capture the enchanting splendor found in nature through his images. This Frenchman’s macro shots are utterly astonishing, but he outdoes even himself in his series called Morning Dew.

insects close-up

To create the fabulous collection, Chambon would venture out very early in the day and photograph all sorts of insects found outdoors, glistening with tiny droplets of dew, speckling their tiny bodies.

macro photo close-up

Residing in France, Chambon takes much pleasure in these morning walks. Dampierre-les-Bois mornings permit him to commune with nature, capturing many marvelous macro shots. Dampierre-les-Bois, where Chambon lives, is a commune in the Doubs department in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France. It is a small, quaint French village where it is not at all surprising to see such charming insects such as those photographed by Chambon.

close-up macro photo

Among his entire portfolio, Chambon’s morning dew insects are exemplary. He was able to assemble this collection by always having a camera available, shooting insects resting on leaves and flowers, taking his time during his leisurely morning walks.

insects macro close-up

Chambon uses a macro lens to gather these amazing images for the Morning Dew series. What are common garden insects turn into glowing creatures, looking more like expensive crystals fashioned as decorative ornaments.

close-up photography insects

The bugs are photographed while looking like glistening gems, with their colors looking translucent as they are seen through the dew drops. Seeing these amazing images of nature, one is tempted to also go for a morning stroll with camera in hand, in case tiny spectacles such as these also present themselves.

close-up of insects

Chambon certainly knows the fringe benefits of getting up early, as hundreds of tiny friends await him on his morning strolls in France every day.

See his astounding images collectively called Morning Dew and more of his other works over here.

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