Enchanting Photos of Bubbles Frozen on the Ground

frozen angela kelly

Ever thought you could get anything amazing from the lowly soap bubble? Of course you can! This striking series is a product of the imagination of a certain Angela Kelly. Believe it or not, these lovely spheres were made with ordinary dish soap. They froze on the ground, but the results as you can see are stunning.

angela kelly frozen bubbles

Rather than resemble soapy suds, the frozen globes look more like magical crystal balls. The shots in this series are entitled Frozen in a Bubble, which pretty much represents the essence of the collection. Many of these bubbles were found frozen everywhere, such as on the hood of Kelly’s car, while others were just scattered across the ground.

bubbles on the ground

Part of the secret to getting these shots was anticipating the chilly weather. When the forecast was made for a cold -9°C to -12°C recently in Washington, Kelly knew this would provide a rare opportunity for some extraordinary shots. Along with her 7-year-old son, Kelly came-up with some good old-fashioned bubble formulas and braved the cold. There she blew bubbles with her son and took pictures as they froze and melted.

angela kelly frozen

To her amazement, she witnessed some pretty cool stuff as the bubbles froze. Tinier ones would freeze briefly and then shatter into small pieces like paper thin chips of glass. The larger ones would slowly freeze giving Kelly more time to catch the magic unfolding with her camera.

angela kelly

“We noted how they would freeze completely before the sun rose but that once the sun was in view they would defrost along the tops or cease freezing altogether,“ said Kelly of the experience. “We also noted how they would begin to deflate and implode in on themselves making them look like alien shapes or in some cases shatter completely leaving them to look like a cracked egg.”

angela kelly frozen bubbles on the ground

The whole photoshoot was not just a fun experience for Kelly, but a fulfilling one as well. “Are we ever too old to play with bubbles? I really think that this is the most fun, unique and beautiful series I’ve done yet!” As the bubbles brought out the child in her, maybe you can delight in them too.

frozen bubbles

See the delightful Frozen in a Bubble series here and purchase some if you like.

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