Enchanting World of Vibrant Tropical Frogs

frog macro

Wil Mijer is a skilled Dutch photographer who adores shooting the lovely and enchanting world of vibrant tropical frogs. Mijer is into tiny creatures like butterflies, spiders, flies and as one can plainly see here, frogs. She turns each photograph into a short story of sorts, revealing a vivid imagination and fascination for the small world below us.

wil mijer frog

Mijer is from The Hague, Netherlands but currently resides and works in Zeewolde. Macro photography is a favorite pastime for her, as she finds it to be relatively simple, and yet with extremely rewarding results. Her colorfully vivid and illusory macro photographs take us into the incredible world of frogs that often is unobservable. We see various frogs of all shapes, size, and color, perched on tropical plants and hanging on to some plant stems.

frog wil mijer

While frogs are not the most common subjects in macro photography, Mijer’s images reveal that they are truly remarkable creatures.  Many tend to perceive frogs as pesky little creatures, but through her superb images Mijer is able to bring out their inherent beauty.  “I’m very small and in my work everything is small too,” said Mijer. “I like to do macro photography and will try to make a little dream from every picture.”

wil mijer macro photo frog

Frogs are highly adaptable and they live and thrive in every kind of habitat with water and every continent except for Antarctica. They can be found dwelling in deserts, mountains, forests and jungles. Sad to say, they are at the present time under threat, particularly in the Western world by both agricultural water pollution as well as climate change. Mijer’s photos and other people’s documentation of the humble frog will hopefully cast a spotlight on the creature and inspire many to aid our amphibious friends from extinction.

wil mijer macro photography frogs

macro photography wil mijer

wil mijer macro photography

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