Endearing Portrait Series of Two Little Boys in Amusing Situations

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Wesley Armson is no doubt a doting father. He manifests his adoration for his kids by capturing some incredibly cute photos of his two sons as he poses them in amusing situations, clothes and various props.  Dressed either as superheroes, animals or even shown napping in odd places, his collection of images of his two boys has gotten people’s attention because of how endearing the series is.

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Wesley along with his wife Christine has always dreamt of the perfect family. With their two sons, the Calgary-based couple seems to have just that. The two kids are bringing a lot of joy to Wesley and Christine, who cherish every single moment as the siblings go through their developmental stages each day.

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Prior to having the boys, Wesley treated photography as a hobby, but has since shifted gears, and now does it professionally.  He is employed doing project management at an oil and gas company, however during evenings he indulges his passion for photography with his kids as his subject. Skyleer, the eldest son is two-years-old, while Maddox is just four months.

child portrait

“When they first smiled, had a little laugh, or had a sneeze the moment was so precious. I’d sometimes close my eyes and mentally try to store away the moment and the feeling of tremendous joy. The thing that I most enjoy about photographing my own children is that the photos help me remember those moments and those feelings,” said Wesley during a recent interview.

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He makes a point of identifying websites such as 500px, Pinterest and Flickr as great sources for concepts, and at times fuses ideas, adding his own spin in the process. Wesley adds that ever since he became a dad, his photography has transcended from profession to something much more profound. “Photography is about the important moments: celebration, promise, love, growth. My camera helps my mind keep some of the most important things in focus, which will hopefully help me be a better father, husband, son, neighbor and friend. When my camera is on my neck my whole outlook is different because my eyes and my brain are looking for beauty and blessing which are everywhere.”  Well said, and we could not agree more with him.

See his work here.

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