Ethereal Images Laced with Mystery and Sensuality

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Sarah Allegra is a fine art photographer whose ethereal work evokes images of the mythical, sometimes laced with sensuality and mystery. Her images explore the inner recesses of the subconscious through various depictions often in pastoral landscapes and forest backgrounds. The Los Angeles-based Allegra has an elegant, wraithlike style that straddles the line between the ghostly and dreamlike. One could say that her style is a kind of visual poetry, and is a world uniquely its own.

sarah allegra

It is interesting to note that Allegra carries with her an affliction called myalgic encephalopathy or ME. Myalgic encephalopathy is characterized by severe and debilitating fatigue, as well as painful muscles and joints. Like many great artists through the centuries who have suffered and lived through some kind of affliction, Allegra transcends her physical infirmities and triumphs through her work. This condition apparently does not affect this brilliantly creative photographer.

sarah allegra portrait

She shared how she manages despite myalgic encephalopathy, saying,

“It’s all the result of very careful planning of everything.  I keep my shoots very short and I plan several concepts I can shoot one right after the other while I have my model.  My shoot is usually the only major thing I have planned for the week.  Actually, it’s usually the only major thing I have planned that month.  If we’re driving to a location, my model will usually drive us since I’m often feeling too tired.  I try to bang out as many concepts as I possibly can, then I crash.”

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Allegra in fact is very much in charge of all aspects of her work, from pre-production such as location scouting, costume and prop preparation, the actual photoshoot and subsequent tedious editing. Allegra feels she cannot divorce herself from any part of the photographic process.


As a result of this meticulous and highly involved work ethic, all of her intricate and often extravagant costumes and props are painstakingly hand-made, but on a very tight budget. The results however are a testament to the fact that limited financial resources do not necessarily translate to compromised creativity. Quite the contrary, Allegra’s production quality is up to par with the finest conceptual photography currently out there.

sarah allegra ethereal

Her images convincingly convey to the viewer the existence of a portal to another world, a dream-like state and realm where typical conventions of the four dimensional world we know are challenged.

ethereal portrait

See her incredible work here. It is a soaring source of inspiration.

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