Ethereal Photos of Chinatown in New York City


Calm images along the streets of NYC’s Chinatown are captured by photographer Franck Bohbot in his dreamy series simply entitled Chinatown

Photographer Franck Bohbot has a talent for altering an otherwise lively place into a still and tranquil location, or at least he does so in his pictures. Bohbot, in practically all of his work, extracts people from his compositions, allowing the viewer to focus on the structures and architecture instead. This creative concept allows viewers to experience an otherwise nearly impossible scenario or view, as Bohbot often times chooses some of the most bustling places on the planet, such as in this case.  Bohbot’s Chinatown is an ongoing project where you will see images like the shadowy urban streets, locked up storefronts (including an adult shop), various building facades, empty roads, and sidewalks devoid of people that were shot throughout a portion of Manhattan. Bohbot’s bio explains the shooting technique involved. “The long exposures and natural light enable him to capture the essence and the breath of these deserted spaces carrying the ghostly traces of abandoned social landmarks.”




The photographs of the series, Chinatown, throw the spotlight on alleys, streets, shuttered stores and high-rise structures that are devoid of any people. Based on the appearance of every image, the series was probably predominantly shot just before daybreak, as some amount of daylight appears to be overcoming the evening sky. This would also be the only logical time to get a minimum number of people on the streets. Whether Bohbot digitally erased anyone is anyone’s guess.




Bohbot is a self-taught photographer who resides in New York City. He was born in Longjumeau, France in 1980, and was educated there until he graduated in 2006 with a Master degree in film production (ESG-Paris). His work has appeared in publications that include The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post,, The NewYork Daily News, Les Inrocks, Marie-Claire, Le Musée du Louvre, RMN (Réunion des musées nationaux), II Corriere della Sera, Forbes, Fahrenheit Magazine, Universal Music, and Nike, among others.

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

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