Ethereal Photos of the Palace of Mystery in Portugal Look Straight Out of a Storybook

Palace of Mystery

Canadian Taylor Moore recently captured the spectacular and enigmatic place that is the legendary Quinta da Regaleira found in the UNESCO village of Sintra, Portugal. It is a breathtaking estate that is situated in a World Heritage protected landscape.  Thousands of visitors flock to the castle each year to marvel at the unique architecture of the Quinta de Regaleira that fuses Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance elements.

palace of mystery photo

One of its most striking features is found beneath the ground, twin wells spiralling deep into the earth. The wells were never put to use, nor were they ever meant for water collection, but rather, these mysterious underground towers were used for secretive initiation rites.

palace of mystery portugal

The estate was ordered built by its owner Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro in collaboration with the well-known Italian opera set designer and architect Luigi Manini, “Regaleira”. It is an uncanny yet magnificent place to behold. It is an absolute treat and admirers of classic architecture owe it to these men for working to create a place of divine beauty and enigma where styles of Gothic, Roman, Renaissance and Manueline merge.

palace of mystery portugal UNESCO

Moore is one of those totally taken with underground towers, caves, lakes, and unending gardens that she made this place an incredible spot for day or night photography. She recounted being within the confines of the Quinta de Regaleira. “…The place looks exactly the place where Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring were shot. Also, I can feel the nerve that it was also used in Star Wars where Anakin and Padmé Amidala spent their honeymoon.”

palace of mystery portugal UNESCO photo

Moore also added that it was an absolute dream come true place to photograph. “I think that with underground caves, lakes, towers, and endless gardens the place is incredible to photograph day or night.”

palace of mystery portugal UNESCO details

See the magnificent Quinta de Regaleira as shot by Moore here.

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