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daniel antunes

Any observer of beauty and its attendant elements will tell you, there is beauty in symmetry as well as capturing things in flawless proportion. It does not matter whether you are shooting architecture and city streets, historical archways or interesting street corners. There will always be something that will inspire the symmetry inclined individual. That is exactly what photographer Daniel Antunes has.

daniel antunes photo

He possesses a passion for these elements as he brilliantly catches images of a world upside down and seen in perfect symmetry through the puddles of water that he comes across in his travels. The Lisbon-based Antunes loves to take photographs of these water-reflected scenes that mirror his surrounding city as well as the places he visits on his many journeys.

daniel antunes urban

Antunes discovered amazing views of city streets and large stone buildings in the humble water puddles and he began capturing them in a way to show you reflected and symmetrical shapes and colors. There is an unbelievable lucidity to these photographs, even in the water’s reflections.

daniel antunes urban photo

Most of the time the puddles are not large enough to mirror a whole structure or group of people. Instead what happens is they mirror small patches of often times gravel roads and cobblestone pathways. What they enhance are fascinating if not surreal auras to otherwise mundane images.

cityscape daniel antunes

Antunes’ keen eye for colors and textures add tons of creative dimension to these daily scenes. His photographs could reflect an entire building, or a solitary city dweller making his or her way to a quaint shop or the work place. The textures, colors, shapes and scenes that he shares almost seem digitally manipulated because of their flawless nature, but everything is most definitely real and captured the old fashioned way, which is in-camera.

urban photography daniel antunes

See Antunes’ beautifully symmetrical, upside down world here.

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