Evocative Black and White Landscape Photos Shot in Vivid Detail

peter zeglis

Peter Zeglis has thing for landscape imagery, and he photographs the subject immensely well. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Zeglis is essentially a self-taught photographer, and like most people with no formal training, is able to easily think ‘out-of-the-box’. His images of landscapes shot almost entirely in black and white evoke a consistent surrealism.

black and white peter zeglis

There is a dreamlike quality in all of the photographs and they are shot in vivid detail. Zeglis brilliantly makes use of contrast to reveal the minute details that are present in his photos. He also plays around with focus, often using muted sharpness to create moods of melancholia or enigma. Apparently a painter first, photography presented itself as a substitute for his original medium for artistic expression.

peter zeglis black and white

That does not come as a surprise since Zeglis’ work all takes on a painterly quality, despite the fact that they are all rendered in monochrome. Not long after he initially picked up a camera, Zeglis was bitten by the photography bug as it became part of his daily life.

black and white photos peter zeglis

“Self esteem is built on compliments, self development on criticism,” says the artist. There is also a brooding quality that is present in most of his work, a sense of foreboding well executed in every photograph.

landscape peter zeglis

All throughout Zeglis’ body of work one will find stunning black and white panoramas shot in flawlessly thought out compositions that leads the eye to the central point with fascinating and in-depth foregrounds. His use of intense black and white contrast amplifies all the little details and brings life to all his images.

peter zeglis landscape

From a misty waterfall, scattered glaciers in calm a ocean, a winding icy river, to many desolate landscapes, Zeglis no doubt knows how to dramatize the many bleak vistas where he chooses to shoot.

peter zeglis landscape photography

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