Evocative Black and White Long Exposure Images

vassilis tangoulis

Fine art photographer Vassilis Tangoulis could put forth the argument that contrast is more significant than color for making a statement with dramatic landscape photographs. That may sound like a bit of a stretch, but once you see his work with long exposure photographs, you will soon find out that the premise is quite a valid one. Tangoulis shoots a depth of imagery whose dramatic effect would be difficult to replicate with color.

vassilis tangoulis swan

The Grecian Tangoulis captures solitary moments with little if any human activity present, resulting in tranquil and at times pensive scenes. Monochrome photographs of docks, boats, railway crossings, trucks and listless boats are only some of the subjects found in Tangoulis’ creations. Notwithstanding the apparent minimalism that characterizes his work, Tangoulis’ pictures are full of expressive sentiment.

vassilis tangoulis sunset

A wooden plank walkway seems to disappear into the cloudy horizon. A vintage pickup truck is stuck in a desolate desert. A modern bridge towers over a misty body of water. There is no doubt that Tangoulis is able to create the dramatic with black and white film and long exposure times, leaving us in awe of whatever subject he chooses.

airplanes vassilis tangoulis

Less becomes more as some seemingly forsaken and abandoned places come to life through use of such a sterile medium. Tangoulis makes a strong point that there is much to be seen in desolate areas, such as how the structures intermingle with their natural surroundings.

vassilis tangoulis bridge

Tangoulis works have been recognized through various accolades, being an international award-winning black and white fine art photographer. While he has earned a reputation as one of the elite purveyors of the monochrome medium, he also experiments in color once in a while. He also is an academic teacher-Lecturer, being a physicist in the Chemistry department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

vassilis tangoulis ship

dock vassilis tangoulis

vassilis tangoulis dock

See his astounding black and white photography here.

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