Exceptionally Dramatic Urban Landscape Images Captured Using an iPhone

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There is no denying the unique drama that only black and white photography can deliver. Jason Peterson is exceptionally good at the medium and his street photography is superb. Inspired by old school visuals, what is even more amazing about his work is that he shoots with a regular iPhone.

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Peterson has an inborn talent to compose dramatic images that convey stories of the urban lifestyle. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but currently lives in downtown Chicago. He is the chief creative officer of Havas North America, a full service branding agency. He studied photo history and design in college, and has a vast knowledge and passion for classic fashion and street photography.

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He is also the proud owner of a photo library of thousands of books. Peterson does not see himself as a photographer, but rather as an Art Director armed with an iPhone.  As far as Peterson is concerned, he makes the distinction that he is not creating images, but rather, is just documenting what is around him.

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On his iPhone photography, he says, “It began almost three years ago when a friend at work told me to check out the Instagram app. I never liked digital photography and I thought Instagram was just another Hipstamatic filter pack. But I got hooked in on a challenge to see who could get 1000 followers, and it went on from there.”


Peterson ha s a passion for the magnitude of urban landscape juxtaposed against the human condition. He likes to capture the moments that constantly occur in it, but largely go by ignored. He also has a keen eye for light. He will go back to the same location again and again, looking for when the light is just perfect.

new york


Other than an iPhone, Peterson also uses a Canon 5D Mark III for night photography and some of his aerial work, however 90% of the time he will use an iPhone not just for shooting, but editing as well. His love for classic black and white photography stems from the ability of the masters to create a style that they can capitalize on for an entire career. Harry Callahan is a specific influence he points to.

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Visit his Instagram account to see more of his work.

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