Exceptionally Unique Images of the Breaking Surf

Kenji Croman  waves

Kenji Croman is a brilliant and brazen photographer who shoots one of those frequent but fleeting forces of nature. Ocean waves.  Waves are perpetually there, but their powerful currents last exceedingly briefly.  Make no mistake, this is no easy task. Croman while in the pursuit of the perfect wave shot, has broken quite a few bones, dislocated his elbow and shoulder, faced-off with sharks, suffered a few concussions and even almost drowned on a few harrowing occasions.


During one particular outing around 5 years ago a 10-foot wave crashed on top of Croman, twisting his limp body in such a way that he actually kicked himself in the head.”I literally heard every bone in my body crack,” said Croman.

waves crashing

And yet his images are just spectacular. He has been chasing the perfect ocean wave since 2008, despite the perilous circumstances he often finds himself in.  The place to be is at the surf break and this is where most of the danger occurs. Getting in camera what takes place for a brief moment is a skill that has taken years of practice to hone, not to mention a profound connection with the turbulent surf itself.

crashing wave

Croman has with astute perfection recorded many awesome moments as he travels the globe in search of the most beautiful waves. Ofcourse, he need not look far for some spectacular breaks which are found in his home state of Hawaii. Every image shows a wave that is distinctly different, bearing a range of depth, color, shape, and character.

kenji croman wave

In the process, Croman has also found some breathtaking undersea spots, where he has experienced encounters with turtles and dolphins. However, waves remain his main passion. During a typical shoot, he will take up to just three shots of a single wave, having fine-tuned his feel for the fleeting event. “I’ve shot waves for so many years now that I see the wave in slow motion,” said the seasoned Croman.

kenji croman wave crashing

See his amazing work here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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