Extreme Macro Photos of Insects Reveal Details Not Visible to the Naked Eye


Typically in photography, maintaining your close-up images uncluttered and essentially simple can give you the most effective results.  Another virtue that most photographers would be well-served to have is patience and persistence. And still, other points worth emphasizing are depth of field as well as isolating your subject, two elements to keep in mind for great macro photography. Obviously Paulo Latães is only too aware of these fundamentals, based on his extremely detailed macro photography of insects.



Showing the tremendous detail and intricacies of each bug is achieved by Latães consistently. His images are so vivid with clarity that they will actually make you squirm, and the only thing that keeps you from cringing with fear is knowing that these are tiny little insects.



Looking absolutely alien-like, one would not be surprised if the earliest sci-fi artists based their concepts of alien appearances on these bugs.  Latães photos of these tiny creatures falls nothing short of incredible. You will find yourself gawking at every one, examining the strange, creepy features they have. It will change your perspective the next time you see an insect, knowing how they look up-close and personal.

While insects may have a general reputation as pests, the countless bugs, insects, and spiders that inhabit our planet can make for some of the most mesmerizing and dramatic close-up photography subjects, as exemplified by Latães.


Insects and their minuscule environments offer the macro photographer like Latães an infinite combination of texture, color, and physical shapes to discover.  Insects are both as unique and diverse as we are, and they are clearly much more in species.  Practically all year long, insects of all sorts can be found just about everywhere you look. They can be extremely rewarding subjects, considering how much detail is revealed when you photograph them up-close. See excellent examples of these macro-insect images in Paulo Latães’ work.

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide. He is an avid photographer, graphic designer, bedroom DJ and devoted Mac addict. Attila got his first DSLR camera, a Canon 10D, back in 2003 and he has been hooked on photography ever since.