Extremely Detailed Close-Up Photos of Different Insects

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Remember the 1958 B-Movie called The Fly produced and directed by Kurt Neumann? That movie was a cult hit then, and it was remade in 1986 with Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis and John Getz cast in starring roles. Indonesian photographer Donald Jusa must have seen either the original or the remake, since his macro photography of insects seems to be inspired by this sci-fi horror flick.

insects photography

While the majority of us see bugs as annoying pests, these macro shots by Jusa show the insect world up close. From wasps with massive antennae to spiders with two pairs of eyes, these creatures look like something straight from a science-fiction B-movie, just like The Fly.

macro photography insects

Jusa who is 33, shot the ‘insect portraits’ to feature the amazing assortment of creatures in the oft ignored insect kingdom, helping others realize their splendor.  “My aim is to show the unique and diverse characters of these insects, like taking portraits of people,” said Jusa. “That way others can see them, and not always be afraid of them.”

close-up insects

The dramatic macro images were all shot in the East Kalimantan region of Indonesia. Jusa once worked there as a geologist for a coal mining firm. “I really liked and was always curious about the insects that I had never seen before,” said Jusa.  His is a series of incredible insect images, and most would be surprised to find out that Jusa first started dabbling in photography merely two years ago when he purchased his first DSLR. Placing his camera about one inch away from the miniscule subjects, Jusa makes use of focus stacking to get the complex details of each insect’s unique characteristics.

macro photo insects

The photography method which fuses several images taken at different focuses offers much more depth of field. Jusa also uses mostly dead creatures. “I understand there is disagreement and controversy for this,” he recently said in an interview, but argued back about “scientists who collect and preserve insects for the purpose of scientific discovery? My purpose here is only to show to the world that world of very small insects — unique, colorful and varied — is also very beautiful,” he justified.

close-up of macro photography

See his collection of dead, but nonetheless wide-eyed critters here.

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