Facebook Friends Meet Once a Month to Create Diptych Photographs Together

couple diptych

A diptych photograph is an image that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single photo. The two images can be in contact with each other, or otherwise separated by a border or a frame. Two young photographers, Silvia Sala and Freddy Viera met each other through a Facebook group and now, they produce beautiful diptych photos together.

diptych sitting in field

Both being Italians, Silvia and Freddy became friends instantly after meeting. In the course of getting acquainted, they found out that Silvia, now residing in Venice, was also once from Bergamo where Freddy lives. With the distance between them, the couple only gets to see each other once a month.

diptych in store

With that situation, they decided to do something they both loved, which was to take photographs. They came up with the idea to take pictures together. Since then, once a month, Silvia decided she would return back to her old home, Bergamo, to do a joint project with Freddy.

diptych by wall

“We started to take pictures together, mainly portraits, and people seemed to like them,” according to Silvia. “We received many comments saying ‘Oh, you two together are amazing!’ So we decided to make this project. We always shoot two photos and we make a diptych.”

diptych sitting on dock

Silvia continued, “Sometimes we go searching for new places and try to find new, original ideas. It’s great because there are moments when we’re out with the cameras and the tripod but we don’t know what to do, but in the end, after trying and discussing, we always find something to do. It’s very stimulating.”

diptych among flowers

Some of the diptychs seem to be telling a story, while in some other images the focus is on a specific technique. Whatever the case may be, this young couple certainly seem like shutter soulmates, if there was ever such a thing.

diptych floral couple

See their fascinating diptych photographs over on their Flickr site.

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