Famous ‘Tippy-Tops’ of Landmarks in Paris

tip of louvre

Kaitlin Rebesco does an unusual take on pictures of famous landmarks found in Paris, France. Instead of snapping typical, if not predictable photographs of this city filled with iconic landmarks and structures, she opts to shoot minimally.  What she edits in camera is the topmost part of an edifice along with generous amounts of blue sky and benign clouds. It is an approach that gets away with obscuring the city, but still does not totally hide its identity. Paris is perhaps one of the most photographed destinations, and is a challenge to any lens man wanting to depict it in a way never done before.

tip of landmark in paris

The Brooklyn-based Rebesco chose to forgo the many geographic and structural giveaways, creating a sense that these building tops could be in any city around the world. Well not quite. What she achieves instead is direct our eyes towards parts of these architectural structures we often fail to take no notice of. Rebesco forces you to concentrate on details of each building which are habitually overlooked and bypassed by our fleeting attention. It is a different perspective of the city and its numerous historic landmarks.

tip of house in paris

“Sometimes, walking through Paris, I feel like I am floating… Paris seems to always exist under a thick blanket of grey clouds. Sometimes, when the sky opens up, it is really incredible,” says Rebesco, explaining part of her vision for the series.

tip of parisian landmark

Aptly called Head in the Clouds, Rebesco celebrates Paris awash with clear skies along with her upbeat, uplifting take on the city. It is n not in the typical romantic, but often dreary, and moody tone that is so predictable of a Hollywood manufactured Paris. Each photograph literally lifts us up, visually and in spirit, creating a cheerful and buoyant feel.

tip of parisian architecture

tip of parisian landmark architecture

See Rebesco’s Head in the Clouds on her website along with other samples of her work.

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