Fanciful Portrait Series Depicts Youthful Women Caught in the Moment

portrait series audrey simper

Photographer Audrey Simper is another example of young blood that is making a name in the genre of surreal photography. The young Simper, a mere 21 years old, created some femininely surreal portraits, a showcase on women caught in magical, if not sometimes suggestive poses that reflect their soft, gentle nature. The fanciful images depict youthful women that are all somehow caught in the moment of something mystical.

The Chicago-based Simper, a self-taught photographer uninhibitedly reveals her lush imagination in both restrained and all-out digital manipulations. Among the many images conjured by Simper is a sleeping young woman who spews goldfish from her alluring lips.

audrey simper

Another shot has a young woman walking with an umbrella as her skirt teasingly lifts up as she walks past some water puddles. In yet another shot a woman dressed in white with wings like a fairy sits on a tree trunk in a wooded area. It is a very womanly exploration set of pictures, always dreamlike, always with that ethereal feel.

audrey simper portrait series

Simper is very hands on and thorough, as she researches everything. From concept to set execution, she manages the production of every shot, and only in her very early twenties has been creating her unique art since 2008. “I have found that the best way to live life is by following my heart in doing what makes me happy and creating has made me the most gratified,” she said, sounding much older than her actual years.

portrait audrey simper

Simper recently expounded on her style in an article for dodho, saying,

“My style is whimsical and dreamlike. I love telling stories and creating surreal worlds that evoke emotion in my viewers. I often use bright colors and softness to emphasize the feeling of a magical world. I am constantly inspired byart, music, stories, objects, anything that sparks a feeling or paints a story in my mind. I love using Photo manipulation to get my messages across because it creates intrigue by requiring viewers to stop and think. You know it’s not real but it looks real. That is the goal behind my editing.”

audrey simper young woman

See Simper’s unreal scenarios here.

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Patricia Ramos

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