Fantastic Images of Gigantic Waves Crashing Against a Lighthouse

waves lighthouse owen humphreys

Photographer Owen Humphreys recently captured some fantastic images as gigantic waves of over 100-feet came crashing against a lighthouse.  These were taken as gale force winds from the north engulfed the seafront at Seaham Harbour in County Durham. Spectacular and frightening at the same time, these images remind us of the humbling power nature can unleash.

owen humphreys waves lighthouse

Immense, towering swells made giant waves crash on the seafront. The size of the waves practically dwarfs the lighthouse at the end of the pier, in a seemingly precarious situation. The imagery looks as if it were lifted from a Victorian era painting.

lighthouse owen humphreys

Seaham, previously Seaham Harbour, is a small town in County Durham, located 6 miles south of Sunderland and 13 miles east of Durham. St. Mary the Virgin, a small parish, with a late 7th century Anglo Saxon nave that looks like the church at Escomb can be found there, and is one of the 20 oldest surviving churches in England.

lighthouse waves

Until the early part of the 19th century, Seaham was once a little rural agricultural community. The place lays claim to the sole distinction that the local landowner’s daughter, Anne Isabella Milbanke, was wed at Seaham Hall to the famous Romantic poet, Lord Byron, on January 2nd 1815.

owen humphreys waves lighthouse

On the day these were shot, Yellow weather warnings were in place for much of the UK, with the east of Britain and central Scotland forecast for snow. Oceanographers said that both Scotland and Ireland experienced the highest seas anywhere in the world during that week.

owen humphreys lighthouse photo

The high seas captured by Humphreys came as weathermen said that Britain will undergo a few days respite from the harsh weather before the next band of snow comes to the country.

See Humphrey’s intimidatingly beautiful images on his website.

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