Fantastic Macro Series of Ants in Their Natural Environment


Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov creates unbelievable ant images that are surprisingly devoid of any digital manipulation

The pictures in this series may appear like they have been digitally manipulated or composed with fake insects. Wrong!  The ants in these images are real and alive. How was it done? All we know is Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov spent hours staging these fantastic scenes. Pavlov had to first study ants, and he learned that they all follow a very particular path when they are at work. So rather than contradict their natural tendencies, he decided to go along with their normal flow of activity. Pavlov placed his props along their trail, and allowed the natural flow of activities to take over. Every image is taken from his country home where the ants are shown in their natural environment. The result is this amazing, incredible series where you see the insects interacting with Pavlov’s tiny ‘sets’. He shared some of the other tricks up his sleeve.

ants-004 ants-003

“I used to work in theatre which was a big help when it came to making props, and I chose ants because I respect them and their way of life,” Pavlov said. “They care about their children and look after the elderly. They have lived for millions of years.” For the project he used a macro lens to take the close-up photos that range from scenarios they can be seen involved in sewing, drawing, to even being on a beetle-drawn ‘carriage’. Pavlov crafted these ingenious scenes using natural materials like nut shells and berries.

ants-002 ants-001 ants-000

Pavlov further explained,  ‘For the last seven years I have always had my camera with me, but it was only when I had children and started reading them fairytales that I realized it was something I never did as a child. That’s when I decided to make up for it and start creating some fairytales of my own.” It is truly an amazing series which you can view at Pavlov’s website.

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Attila Kun

Attila Kun

Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide. He is an avid photographer, graphic designer, bedroom DJ and devoted Mac addict. Attila got his first DSLR camera, a Canon 10D, back in 2003 and he has been hooked on photography ever since.