Fashion Photography Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Paintings

fashion photo inspired by picasso's painting

Acclaimed photographer Eugenio Recuenco has once again created a wonderful collection, this time in a fashion photography series that draws inspiration from the great Pablo Picasso. Recuenco who is from Madrid Spain, has a personal style often called “cinematographic.” Much of his work has been featured in widely circulated fashion magazines. He is revered as one of the most creative and prolific fashion photographers today. Recuenco has also shot for giant global fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few.

girl in dress photo inspired by pablo picasso

woman sitting down on stairs

Recuenco has worked extensively in the field of advertising. He has lately been dabbling in film, with quite an impressive portfolio in that medium. The gifted photographer, in his own words, describes himself on his website as:

“a Spanish photographer who is a pain in the ass because he always insists on doing whatever he wants. He works for quite a number of clients both in the advertising and editorial fields all over the World who are also a pain in the ass, because they always want to do whatever they want. Out of these fights between hardheadeds it has been possible to rescue the images for this web site, some better, some worse, but made with lots of enthusiasm and with the support of a great team who refer to themselves as “The Eye of Frosker”. The latter is an entity that has came to the earth to bother some and also to amuse some others….”

high fashion model looking sitting down

woman in clownish makeup sitting down

His tribute work to the great Pablo Picasso is a brilliant rendition and example of life, mimicking art from one of the masters and giants of the last century.

woman in costume

Pablo Picasso’s primary medium was painting, although he was also prolific as a printmaker, draftsman and sculptor. He was also known to create his works from images committed to memory, or from his vivid imagination. His total works during his lifetime is said to be around 50,000 creations, which includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, ceramics, prints, tapestries and rugs. Any work from Picasso is treasured and highly valued by art houses, and collectors from all over the world.

Patricia Ramos

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