Father and Son Capture Photos of the Steam Railway and Modern Transportation Systems

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The modern train as transportation spans almost the last two centuries where it drastically altered industry and the way we travel across vast distances. From the first steam locomotive to come out of England in the 1800s, or the swift bullet trains of Japan, to the historic and opulent Orient Express, the train has no doubt played an important role in the development of modern human civilization. Trains of today are very much in operation just like in the pioneering days, but many new uses have also evolved through the decades.

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New variants are subway electric trains, small city trams, freight trains, distance trains with luxurious appointments, and ultra high-speed bullet trains that can reach speeds shy of 500 kilometers per hour. This is a long way from the earliest form of this mode of transportation which was horse drawn trains, limiting their hauling capacity.

bullet train in motion

The arrival of the first steam engines in the first few years of the 19th century allowed engineers to construct new kinds of  train cars built to carry much more loads to transport  either people or goods. This steam locomotive that first emerged from the U.K. revolutionized railway transportation from the 19th century up until the mid 20th century. The early 1900s however saw the emergence of electric and diesel powered trains.

steam engine train in motion

Robin and Taliesin Coombes, a Wales based father and son tandem are locomotive enthusiasts that are devoted to capturing the magnificence of the railway transport system through their enchanting photographs. The images they produce show an old world charm which is obviously how they see this enduring mode of transportation. It is a romantic viewpoint of the locomotive that hearkens to a bygone pioneering era.

train conductor on steam engine train

The duo says that their images are devoted to keeping the interest in locomotives alive.  They have gone as far as creating a website where they are able to showcase their growing collection of train photos.

The site goes on to say that,

“LocoEmotive and LocoEmotion is a new website dedicated to all the emotions that railways can stir within us from nostalgia to pure pleasure through exhilaration and romance. It will be a personal contribution to the already vast array of material portraying the sights and sounds of both the steam railway and modern transportation systems.”

train with column of smoke rising above

silhouette of train

train railroad

Visit their website here.

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