Father Creates Adorable Photo Album of Baby Girl

baby hanging on to plane wing

What do you get when a doting father that also happens to be a photographer, decides to make a photo album for his baby girl? Some really show stopping photos that will surely be the envy of other parents for many years to come. What initially began as photographer Emil Nystrom and  wife Isabelle’s wish to create some unusual photos of their little girl turned out to be a an over-the-top series of photoshop created scenarios.  It would not be far-fetched to say these images will surely set the bar for baby photo concepts.

What they made was thrust their precious little one into many make-believe situations such as:

baby under the hood of car

baby holding sword

baby in bathtub

baby birthday party

Nystrom said he and his wife had a lot of fun together conjuring up the ideas for the series and even more fun shooting the material and creating them on Photoshop. “It’s just so much fun. There is nothing serious about these pictures and that shows when we take them. The only thing that usually is in my mind when I take them is to get as funny face as possible from the baby”. Now that’s a dad you can count on who will for sure, document all the family milestones.

In an interview with Phlearn, Nystrom shares how long his creative process usually takes,

It’s very individual. Some shots take me 20 minutes in Photoshop. Others I’ve worked 16 hours on. Generally I start with cleaning up the pictures and adding in the composite parts. If needed I do some dodging and burning and after that I end things with color correction and enhancing. The more I’ve planned before the shoot and the more I’ve done in camera helps so I don’t have to spend so much time in Photoshop.

toothfairy baby

Check out Emil’s website over here.

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Patricia Ramos

Patricia Ramos

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