Fine Art Photographer Martin Stranka and His Incredible Images

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Martin Stranka is a professional photographer from the Czech Republic, born in April 13, 1984. He is self taught with a distinct vision of photography, self- described as being “where impossible becomes evident, and the perception of reality is shifted to its next level. I perceive photography as an unique space located in a balance and serenity. My work exists in that narrow space of few seconds between dreaming and awaking.”

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The past three years, he has distinguished himself winning 40 major international awards from various photography competitions, which among others include Professional Photographer of the Year, Emerging Talent Award (in the Nikon International Photo Contest), Sony World Photography Awards, EISA Photo Maestro and International Photo Awards two years in a row.

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Stranka’s solo as well as group exhibitions have been seen in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia. His works have been shown next to creative giants like Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Helmut Newton, Albert Watson and Roxanne Lowit.

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The prolific lens man recently sat down with 121 clicks for a one-on-one interview. Here are some excerpts,

How would you define your style of photography?

“Honestly I think I do not name my photography style. I could say it is something like illustrative and conceptual, emotive and minimalist. Well, I could describe my “art world” like a space where I deny the laws of physics and erase the border between conciseness and dreaming. …”

How do you choose the right ambiance, the lighting and the mood to convey?

“I have never thought about the aim of my photographs. It is something automatic and something that grows into needs inside of me.”

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When it comes to camera gear, he says he uses a Canon 5d for its full frame chip. His lenses include the “Canon 17-40mm L, Canon 70-200mm L, Canon 50mm f1,4.” He also uses two 400Ws flash sources and for post-production work, Adobe Photoshop CS5. He believes that his camera gear are the tools and the opened mine is a catalyst.

Stranka offers some words of to live by for all aspiring photographers, artists, and youngsters as well, saying, “Be yourself, loved by a few and not understood by the rest. My one and only advice I can give to all creative people.”

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See what people are all raving about by visiting his website.

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