Flickr Users Can Now Enjoy 1TB of Storage Space for Free + New Design

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Some significant change was announced by Yahoo early this week for Flickr as far as features and design are concerned. It was mostly good news for free accounts, and perplexing choices for Flickr Pro account users. One of the most notable changes is free users are now no longer limited to a given number of photos. Instead, all users have a 1TB space limit for full resolution photographs. That removes the main distinction between users of free Flickr accounts and Flickr Pro. It is also reported that Flickr Pro accounts will slowly be phased out, in favor of an upgraded version.

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The new Flickr will allow free users to have maximum photo size of 200MB, up from the previous 10MB, and all users can create collections and post it to a maximum of 60 group pools. Free users can now also upload up to 1GB of HD videos with up to 3 minutes of playback time.

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Exsiting Flickr Pro accounts on the other hand will have unlimited storage space that can exceed 1TB, and they can view counts and referrer statistics of their photographs, which is a valued feature for professionals. They can also replace images without the need to reupload, archive original hi-res images and have advertising free usage. Incongruously (because of the new changes), Flickr Pro account image sizes are limited to 50MB, while video size is 500MB, in spite of the unlimited storage and bandwidth.

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The Flickr app for Android has also been updated.

Flickr pro accounts can no longer be purchased as of May 20 2013, but existing users can continue using their accounts. Some Flickr Pro subscriptions have the choice to opt for a free account by Aug. 20, 2013. Migrating to a free account will increase upload limitations to 200MB per picture and 1 GB per video, but there will be an overall 1TB storage space limit. Replacing images and the ability to see referrals and stats will go away. Ads will become part of their Flickr experience. To remove this, users can pay $49.99 a year for being spared the annoying advertisements.

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Users can now upload a cover photo.

As for the design, users can now enjoy viewing photos at full-width. Unlike the previous design which seemed more suitable for managing your photos than displaying them, Flickr’s redesign ensures that your photos are now the primary focus. No more small thumbnails and useless white space.

For more information and a hands on experience, go on over to their website to learn more about what’s in store for those moving to free accounts at before you make your choice.

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